Notes from building first vise

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Notes from building first vise

Postby Shane » Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:43 pm

I've used a CNC so long, I forgot how tough it can be with regular wood working tools to get true precision. Making the first vise by using a drill press, a band saw, and a table saw... made me appreciate how useful the vise will be in making my second one. These prints were great! Very clear and easy to follow. The dimensions are in decimal inches.

If you are planning on using regular shop tools, my advise would be to go through the plans with a chart that shows the conversion from decimal inches to the nearest fractional inch. For example, the through holes in the lower sub-jaw and fixed end stiles are shown as 0.56". I used a 5/8" drill bit instead.

For the grooves, I used a dado blade in my table saw. It wasn't easy to sneak up on the right dimension without going over. It seemed like I'd barely nudge the fence of my table saw and that would be too much. I learned to make very small cuts and just keep checking with dial calipers.

For the first vise, some things can be simplified. For example, the grooves on the moving jaw are shown in the prints as two pockets in the upper and lower parts. I just made one groove across both pieces.

Hats off to Ted for an outstanding design! I can honestly say, these plans are the best purchase I've made for my CNC. The drill press vise I was using in my CNC will now go back on the drill press forever. This design is much, much better than that. The finished vise is very sturdy and can clamp a 6" wide piece of stock. Now that I'm using it, I can not imagine running the CNC without it.

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Re: Notes from building first vise

Postby TReischl » Mon Jul 25, 2016 8:48 pm

Thanks for sharing that information.

Ah yes, the challenge of working with standard tools. . . .

I quit using dado blades for cutting grooves on the table saw. I just use a standard blade and do the flip, flip, flip routine. I get it the groove close and work on fitting the tenon piece to it.

You are definitely correct, making a vise once you have a vise is way easier. I did what you have done and then started making more using it.

Thanks for all the nice things you wrote.


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