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Simple But Useful

Update!  We are now providing plans to build the vise.  These are fully dimensioned drawings in PDF/DXF/CDR format.  We will no longer be manufacturing vises.

If you do not have a vise on your CNC machine you are missing out.

Clamping small parts has always been an issue on CNC routers.  With a vise you can easily cut on the narrow edge of a piece.  Cutting all around the edge is also easy. Joinery is greatly simplified.  Mortises, tenons, half laps, mitered half laps are not a challenge if you own a vise.

What is Special About THIS Vise?

Protects bits Allows user to fabricate custom jaws Replacement parts can be made on site if damaged 1/2 - 10 Acme thread Superior clamping power compared to all thread rod Smoother operation The fixed jaws are mated to the ways with 1/2 square thrust blocks to take the force of clamping.  It does not depend on screws which could shear off. Fixed jaws are located at each end of the vise allowing the user to set “0” where desired. Milled into the back face of the sacrificial jaws. Easily change jaw styles by loosening two thumb screws Useful step jaws can be milled from blanks. Vise can be fully disassembled allowing repairs to made.  If a part gets damaged a new one can be made,


We are not responsible for any damages or injuries that may occur while using this vise.  The user must ensure the work is firmly clamped in place before cutting. Proper protective gear must also be worn, including safety glasses and hearing protection.  


Width of Jaws: 10.0 Max Opening: 8.0* Length: 14.0 Width: 10.0 Height to Ways: 1.25 Overall height: 2.25 *Measured without sacrificial jaws in place.  Opening with sacrificial jaws depends on dimensions of sacrificial jaws.  With 3/4 stock used for jaws opening is 6.5 easily allowing a 2 X 6 to be clamped. **Note that vise must be clamped to edge of table as depicted here or a set of riser blocks installed to allow the handle to turn.
CNC Router Vise Plans
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