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We don’t sell software but we sure use it a lot. Our primary tool is Vectric Aspire.  Vectric has several levels of software available.  Their software has become an industry standard.  Our experience with it has been outstanding, from simple V-carving to complex 3D models it fits the needs of most shops. It is very capable of doing “mechanical” work as well. All parts in the vise were programmed with Aspire. We also use: Corel Graphics Suite Sketchup Hexagon Normally we design with Corel only because of our familiarity with it.   Aspire is quite capable of doing design work.  A design tool is very much in the realm of user preference.  Vectric products excel at playing nice with other software.
Visit the Vectric site above to learn about their products.  Then visit their Forum to see what the users think. The Vectric Forum is a tremendous resource for getting tips and help.  Quite often a question is answered in a few minutes.  While you are in the Forum, be sure to visit the gallery at: Vectric Aspire Gallery You will see what users have been making, many of them first time CNC users.