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This video shows cutting right on the edge of a part which is difficult unless a vacuum table is used. We purposely offset the file so it would do this. The part is 5/16 thick being gripped in a pair of 3/16 step jaws. It is easy to create special jaws such as these or they can be ordered from us.
This video shows the making of real parts.  These are the lower rails for the vise. Machining is performed on three sides of the blank. Using the end stop makes this a very easy task. Also notice that as the part is clamped the handwheel does not move in or out.  Many drill press or milling machine vises are built in such a manner that the crank moves in and out, often protruding quite a distance out from the machine.

The vise in action

Working on the edge and face of a long part using two vises. Using this technique allows anyone making custom cabinet doors to take their work to a new level. It is much easier to carve decorative work on the face of a rail or style before it is assembled. Cutting accurate mortises is a breeze.
Hinge Pockets for a small box. This video shows adding decorative V carving designed and programmed using Vectric software and machining hinge pockets on the edge of the piece. The piece in the video is 8 X 3 1/2  X  1/2 thick.
Bombe Box This video shows the steps in making a Bombe type small box. The vise allows the part to be easily held while profiling all the necessary parts.
Making Small Parts In this video we are machining a small part for the end stop assembly. The part is flipped over to do work on both sides.